[ Amy Louise Lowe ]

Naming & Couples Celebrant


[ sel-uh-bruhnt ]


Person who leads a ceremony such as a marriage, naming day or vow renewal.

Creator of awesome ceremonies that are unique to you.

Bringer of absolute joy and happiness.

Wearer of fabulous shoes.

Supporter of love for all.

Hi there, my name’s Amy and I’m a fully qualified Independent Celebrant based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

I love my family, my garden, my dogs, rock and roll, The Beatles, curries (especially when my husband makes them), leopard print, vinyl records, gin, karaoke, fabulous shoes and camping. They don’t all go hand in hand… especially fabulous shoes and camping!

A Little In Love was born out of my love for a great wedding and for sharing incredible moments with loved ones. Let’s not forget the cake. I love cake. I also love to chat and spent many years writing scripts before I settled into my job as a camera operator at ITV. A job that I have loved and that has given me the chance to meet so many splendid people.

When I completed my Level 3 Diploma in Naming and Couple’s Celebrancy I knew straight away that creating awesome, interesting and meaningful ceremonies for bloomin’ lovely folk was definitely my calling. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life with different hopes and ideas for their ceremonies. All with their own stories to tell.

I cannot wait to meet you and get to know you; to learn about how you want to mark life’s big moments and to celebrate you and your uniqueness in a way that matters to you.

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Contact Me

Phone: 07891 602908

Email: amy@alittleinlove.co.uk

Instagram: @alittleinlove.celebrant

Facebook: A Litte In Love